Friday, August 13, 2010

Resources from the Summer Institute

We had a lot of wonderful resources shared throughout the entire institute and we've attempted to capture them all here.  If we've left some great ones out, please let us know and we'll add them in!

Journaling resources from Delia:
  • Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth
  • A Trail through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place by Hannah Hinchman
  • Drawing from Life: The Journal as Art by Jennifer New
  • What it is by Lynda Barry
  • The Artist Sketchbook by Albany Wiseman & Wendy Clouse
Where did we get those cool journals for the workshop?
At Bare Books!  They are very economical and come in various sizes.  Just a note though:  shipping takes a LONG time so plan ahead if you want to use these!

Cultural resources from Lori:
  • Our Stories Our Lives by A.J. McClanahan
  • A Yupiq World View by A. Oscar Kawagley
  • Another Culture Another World by Father Michael Olesksa
  • Villagers by Claire Fejes
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar Schein

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